the river

July 23, 2012

“i found you at the foot of the river. i had only been trying to wash my soul clean. and the more i looked toward the heights, the nearer you came. i smiled because it was all too human. i smile even now, nearly four years later, having returned so many times to the rushing stream. these days we walk together toward its banks, and we dwell amidst the moving water. i think we ought to return forever.”

everything you said yesterday is true. meaning only exists outside ourselves, yet it can only be found within.


the empty field

July 22, 2012

“i felt that we had met twenty years ago but only now came into view. i experienced in the weight of her laughter a call to make her smile again, smile forever. she was to me a perfect shadow that covered the empty field, and her form was the tree i could hardly pick out across the dry ground. so i moved toward her because she drew me in, and i sensed the culmination of my life in my steps. i would empty my soul beneath her branches and let my words drip past the dirt to her roots.

everyone needs to fall upon the warm earth, to rest for a moment until the wind shifts to calm. for me she is an anchor; she met me alone as i drifted across the dryness of the field. i have been plodding for twenty years, and she brought me to a soft halt. i will live now within her shadow and amidst her roots, cherishing the moment she brought movement to a still. in the air i feel an interminable summer, and it offers so much peace.”

you make it easy to be excited about everything before us. you tend to think in terms of how life will be in the future, imagining a point in time when the days will change and our lives will move. and if such a point exists, then it’s drawing awfully near. to be plain, i think often about it and about you.

the constants of life are nearly always the comforts. and of the constants currently marking my days, you offer the greatest calm. few things are more perfect.

for me you are an anchor, bringing so much peace